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                                                      President of United States of America
----------------------------------------------Mr Ben Ki Moon, secretary of United Nations
                                                      United Nations Headquarters
                                                      Judges ECCC – Medias

Opened letter to ECCC UN Judge, President of United States of America
 And M. Ban Ki Moon, secretary of United Nations

President, your Excellency, Sir, Madame,

We, Victims of Genocide Khmer rouge would like to make this late appeal to you and your institution requiring your full support and intervention for the reestablishment of “JUSTICE” and “TRUTH” to what happened during the killing field and the period that follows for the sake of humanity and the victims of this atrocious crime.

As you may know, since the fall of this bloody regime, no adequate trial has been held to definite the responsibility of each author of the genocide committed against Khmer people. Hanoi and Polpot clan had sent one another the responsibility of the crime committed. It’s easy for Hanoi, the mastermind and winner of this crime and other criminals involving in the crime, to paint all responsibility on Polpot ghost alone while refusing Polpot to be heard by an adequate trial the time this late one was still alive. Polpot was suspectly dead or killed while this late one said willing to tell the truth regard to what happened in his regime. The world and those who involved in the crime in some level seem to forge thing go in that way. As for ECCC, many of the victims have the feeling that, it was only the S21 trial to which Hanoi, the winner, use to revenge against Polpot clic, the loser and Hanoi former slave who dared to stand against Hanoi’s policy, among other; had led purge to get rid of Vietnamese elements in order to reverse the tendency and take control of the country. As the matter of fact, ECCC has intentionally avoid to bring some high Khmer rouge personalities actually in power or closed to actually regime as Sihanouk, Keat Chhun, Thioun Prasit etc and specially one of high personalities of Beng Trobaek prison, M. Hor Nam Hong, actual Minister of foreign minister of Cambodian, who was the president of the section B32 of men comity.

In one of his interview Ieng Sary had point out that China had supplied of munitions to Khmer rouge but Ieng Sary forgot to mention that Khmer rouge was lead or trained by Vietnamese on military, ideological or administrative form and that those Chinese supplies Khmer rouge got through Vietnamese.

Recently Noun Chea has openly accused Hanoi involving in planning the mass graves against Khmer people during the killing field by forming, training and handled the Khmer rouge “front” to lead genocide again Khmer. But each time while someone talk about Hanoi involving in the genocide against Khmer, no one care about it or rather feel panic or disturbing and trying to suffocate what they heard as if these people fearing that the truth will end by explode on these people face.

As everyone may know that at the end of 1974 or early 1975, the proper called Khmer rouge were about 3000 members; how an army struggle of 3000 members with poor arms, poor training and no real goal nor organisation ect, can lead and win armed struggle against a State if it was not guided or supervised by exterior force, well planned and well organised with necessary human resources and munitions? In one of his interview Nguyen Co Thach has confessed that the Vietnamese had massively return back to Cambodia to help Polpot and Sihanouk in difficulty face to Republic Khmer army. Without the massive support from Vietnamese, the Khmer rouge would never exist and less seize the power nor can lead genocide against Khmer people. For us, the victims of this abominable extermination, it is unlikely that Khmer rouge want to kill all Khmer people to be replaced by Vietnamese people. This is what was planned. As the matter of fact, in 1979, while Vietnamese took control of Cambodian and found out that there were about another 50% of Khmer people still alive, Hanoi had tried to exterminate the rest of Khmer through the K5 extermination program, specially against Khmer men, they kept only women to hybrid with Vietnamese.

In his book, “brother number one” Professor Chandler mentioned that “All Khmer rouge cadres must pass by a political camp, held by Vietnamese called camp 100, located at northern of Cambodia, to receive training and order” So what happened in Cambodia during that period was directly ordered, orchestrated and massively and actively assisted by Vietnamese. Chandler also mentioned “Salot Sar want to be someone by offering his service to Vietnamese” Polpot began to turn way from Vietnamese while polpot learn that  Vietnamese didn’t want to keep him to serve them but tried to eliminate him to be replaced by another VN killing tool.

President, your Excellency, Sir, Madame, by consulting these links , you may find big amount of documents pointed out that the Vietnamese had planned the killing field against Khmer people even it was not directly committed by their own hands. These documents demonstrated that, in seventy or even inferior to that period, Vietnamese had invested Cambodia as their sanctuary to prepare their war against USA, against Cambodia and planning the killing field against Khmer people.!/profile.php?id=563921480&sk=photos

We may remind you, President, your Excellency, Sir, Madame, that, it is not the first time that Cambodian people were victims of the genocide. In the far or recently past especially at 19th century, many thousands if not millions of innocent Khmer people were successively and atrociously exterminated by the Vietnamese.  And the killing field was not the last one. As the matter of fact, the killing field was followed by other genocides not less bloody than the killing field called K5 under direct Vietnamese occupation after 1979. The genocide is now led by another way around, invisible but also destroying and inhuman as said Peter Leuprecht “The neo-colonial policy of concessions is a failure and should be reconsidered. It shows no regard for the human rights and welfare of the people concerned”

President, your Excellency, Sir, Madame, after the killing field, there were the vast campaigns in Vietnam, organized by VN government, to incite Vietnamese people to install in Cambodia. Beside, these Vietnamese colons who were sent to settle Cambodia get the full support from the puppet government (CPP) installed by Hanoi for that mission after Angkar leur or Angkar captren (in vietnamese) had exterminated half of Khmer population to free land and resources for those Vietnamese colons. This is well a worse racial crime committed by Hanoi that the world continues to deny or closed eye by preferring, discriminating or consent.

President, your Excellency, Sir, Madame, in crime of the killing field, the victims feel that they were double victims, that of that of genocide and other crimes committed by the Indochinese communists, lead by VN/NVN in its hunt for territory, resources and glory, and that of west medias and international community that continue to support the murderers in some way by butchering the memory the victims, searching to preserve at all cost the assassin by falsifying history and defending the preceptors of crime at the detriment of the victims.

President, your Excellency, Sir, Madame, killing, laying, destroying other people’s life is something easy to do. It needs nothing for a cool blood murderer but barbarism and cruelty to commit atrocity and murder against other human kind with no single sign of guilt nor human feeling. But it needs a long culture of effort and humanism to preserve life and human dignity. Since 1975 or even inferior to that period, Cambodia went through from one genocide to other, from a sharp and violence mass grave to a slow and invisible extermination.

Many decades ego Vietnam faces a deadly demographic explosion but instead of leading a controlled demographic policy as did China, Vietnam had led numerous bloody expansionist and genocidal crime against other people to free land and resource for its people. Those are the worse horrors and crime against humanity that Vietnam and those who support this Vietnam’s path must face responsibility in the next decades. Allowing this kind of horrors to perpetuate in all impunity under everyone eye is another sever crime and it is your duty and responsibility and that of UN institution to stop or end this kind of criminal practice against innocent people who can not defend themselves from the more powerful criminals. The culture of genocide is the scourge of humanity and it wont stop even all Khmer people will be exterminated. Other people will become victims of it even the formers of the crimes now become new inhabitants of Cambodia.

For all these reasons, President, your Excellency, Sir, Madame, we appeal to your human conscience and your sense of responsibility to shed light on what really happened during that period for the sake of the victims of the genocide and for those who are still struggle through. And that all authors involved in this genocide must be brought in front a competent court without exception. They face their responsibility for atrocities committed. This is another crime, another genocide for victims to suffer the humiliation and history lesson from the winners or perpetrators of crime. As the victims of the killing field and other numerous racial crimes from the Vietnamese, we ask nothing from the perpetuators of crime but ask the world and the perpetuators of these horrors to recognize their crimes and ask Khmer people for pardon. We ask that the truth of the killing field must be restored and revealed to the whole world for the sake of the victims and there is a sever condemnation of those who deny or tempt to deny these crimes as did French regard to Armenian genocide. We ask to build the memorial wall in every place where the genocide took place in memory of the victims.

We ask for a "real" Justice, not a Justice of complaisance. And the real justice cant out be done in Cambodia which still ruled by the same band of assassins who had the victims’ blood on the hands to which justice is still a shade.

Please accept our highest considerations

Bopha Duong,

@Bopha Angkor 2004. All rights reserved